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Did you know that pH plays a vital role in keeping our bodies in good health? How even the smallest decreases in pH over long periods of time can have detrimental effects on the body’s well being?

Personalized sessions

One hour Zoom Sessions are available now. When working with Diane, you will be working  as a team; assisting you to empower yourself to achieve greater Inner Balance and Wellness for your body, mind, and/or spirit.  

Five Elements Expansion Program

You are made of the Elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space/Ether. Each Element has its foundational aspects with its strengths and weaknesses. Thus, it gives you a beginning point of understanding  yourself and all.


The Elemental Program allows all who participate to expand ourselves, while nurturing and developing our lives in a positive manner that works for ourselves and all concerned. As we focus our lives with our Sincere Heart and Clear Mind, we begin to recognize deeper levels of who we are as individuals, as well as the Oneness of all that is!


What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is the Nature of the 5 Elements and the science of assisting our body, mind, and emotional systems to heal in a balanced holistic manner.  Being healthy is not about being perfect.  Rather about taking responsibility and doing the best we can; expanding ourselves, healing, and nurturing our individual life’s package, both DNA and the foundations of the Five Elements. Diane’s purpose is to hold space and guide you to a lifestyle of Balance, Expansion, and Self Loving Care that will assist in creating your wellness, and longevity, however, it ultimately is a labor of Self Love and Responsibility.  Naturopathy is all about taking responsibility and holding strong to the attributes of Wellness!

We Are The Five Elements






Each day when we look at ourselves, eat, drink, shower, add heat to our life, get passionate, breathe or look beyond that, we are seeing and feeling  the Elements.  These Elements make up our body, our lives, our world, the Universe, and beyond.  Each Elemental Design (each individual living being) is unique, and as we come into balance, through our own individual process, we are also  the unlimited possibilities of Divine Love, Light, Truth, Wellness,  Peace, Harmony, Good Will and so much more!  


About Diane

Traditional Naturopathic Practitioner & Life Coach

Diane Victor’s passion for naturopathic wellness began over 40 years ago — a result of her own life experiences.  Two main things happened to begin her journey.  First she was told that she needed a partial hysterectomy, and when that did not work and other symptoms persisted, she ended up in the hospital again. The prognosis was that she would be on medication for the rest of her life. Something in her said no, it doesn’t have to be that way!  So Inspired from Within, but at the time having no idea what would work, her research began bringing forward a whole new Life in Body, Mind, and Spirit…

During this course, I went from loving nature from a safe emotional distance to falling madly in love with individual trees, breezes and star formations, to entering into a deep partnership with the wild, benevolent beings ensouling these forms. Throughout this transformational journey, Diane served as a loving, wise guide and joyful buddy as, together, we faced the challenges and felt the awe and exhilaration.

Carolyn Shaffer, OR

With nutrition my body only got so far. So Diane convinced me not only to watch my diet, eat organic whenever possible, get the right supplementation and exercise daily, but to include Meditation, do a series of the Rising Star Sessions, and drink Structured Water.  Since adding those into my life, I am finding my balance, gaining back my strength, and feeling like I am taking control of my life once again. I am Grateful that Diane has stuck with me and is always holding space for me to be well.  Thank you Diane!

Janis B, CA

I have worked with Diane for over 25 years for nutritional consultations and have found that Diane takes into consideration the effects of emotional, spiritual, environmental issues, and other influences on health in addition to diet, exercise and supplements. Diane is passionate about her work and making a contribution to society as well. Diane has been involved in leading edge research as to the effects of EMF radiation on health. She has also researched the quality of water, and the influence of being in nature on health. I’m grateful for the contribution Diane has made to my personal health. Over the years I have not only become much healthier as a result of working with Diane, I also became inspired to learn more about nutrition and take responsibility for my health. I have become proactive in creating a healthy lifestyle and I’m sure that this will add many years to my life.

S. L., OR

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Diane sees Clients in Ashland Oregon, California, and by Zoom. Please call her office to schedule an appointment. 

Diane is also available for speaking engagements and workshops.  

Special Note From Diane:  

Due to the Coronavirus, the speaking engagements and workshops are by zoom only…  Thank You for Your Interest and I look forward to our meeting in person soon!  


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