The Element Air

 Air is the Element that allows us to breathe, at times calm our emotions, and is the Element where our thoughts and focus travels through.  The wind energizes and the air’s stillness can bring contemplation and new ideas, new thought.  Air transports the clouds, as well as other life giving micro-substances, as well as all that is in our air.  Thus as we pollute and ignore the negative changes we are creating in our world, which does not provide positive attributes to our eco system but yes pollutes, it effects all of life.  However as we think positive thoughts we add to an accumulation of positive energy, and that energy can be utilized by all life for the Higher Good of all including Earth itself, or we can do the opposite.  It is up to us, and it is our responsibility!  

One person said to me years ago that if he was angry but didn’t act on it he thought it was OK because it didn’t affect anyone.  Well I say, that philosophy is not so.  When we project something, positive or negative, it goes into the environment to that person who he was projecting to and that effects the person whether or not he/she even is aware of it.  So when we speak of Being Kind, etc, it is True  Positive Mindfulness.  

Please, let’s become aware of our thoughts and create a Loving positive attitude, thus creating a better world!!!  I would like to share with you a true story of mine…

Air is alive and has creative abilities!  At this time I would like to share something with you that was a beautiful experience.  A couple of years ago I was sitting in my living room looking outside and could hardly see the tree in my front yard.  It was during the times of very bad fires in Oregon and the smoke was so bad people had to wear masks to be able to breathe if they went for a walk.  There wasn’t  a whisper of air movement.  So as I looked at this, I asked the Elementals if it was in the Highest good of All concerned, if they could somehow work together as a team to clear the air…  It was quite amazing what happened next.  Within just a few minutes I was inspired to look outside once again to see a few leaves of the tree begin to slightly move.  Then as I watched I saw the Air bend upward! Yes, I was shown what was happening!!!  I then went back to what I was doing while also contemplating what I had seen.  About 20 minutes later, what I saw amazed me!  The air was clearing, but where had the smoke gone to?  Within an hour the air and skies were clear, yet I noticed that evening that there was smoke way up high!  The smoke had cleared from our town but returned within a couple of days…Why?  I asked the same question!  What I was told was that I did not BELIEVE  enough!  So now with a Lighter Heart, I am working on my Deep Belief Systems…  The Higher Elemental Beings who are bringing this to us are definitely at work encouraging and manifesting to show us the way!

 A current note on that subject…  A couple of days ago, I put a couple of tortillas into my toaster oven.  My intuition said be careful, don’t let it burn.  Well, with that said, I needed to go into the other room for something and all of a sudden I smelled burn.  I went running, and smoke was pouring out of my toaster oven.  First things first I turned off the heat but did not take the the tortillas out of the oven.  Then running to open windows, it still did not clear, however the most amazing thing happened.  The smoke followed the wall trying to get out.  It did not disperse through the kitchen but stayed in a line… So I opened the door, then the front door and as I watched the smoke leave it stayed in that formation even as it went outside to the edge of my patio.  With due respect, I of course Thanked the Elementals.  My house you see, did not smell of smoke for hours.  It all cleared with rapid ease.

I tell you this so that you can see that indeed we, you and I, are connected.  The Elements are Alive, and we have choice on how we connect and be with them.

Namaste With Love,  Diane