The Element – Earth


 Earth is an amazing Beautiful Playground and Learning Vehicle!  Why do I say vehicle? I believe that It is the Vehicle in which we come as Spiritual Beings to Remember who we truly are by going through the denseness, learning, growing allowing us to remember who we are as Souls!  Earth has everything we need to nourish ourselves, to walk upon, and to live! It’s ECO System is a delicate balance for us to flourish and accomplish our goals.  While we learn why we came here, I feel it is our responsibility to take care of that which serves us in this endeavor.  Loving Earth is as important as taking a breathe!  Earth has the food to nourish ourselves, to heal ourselves, and has the compassion to allow us to work through our stuff!  However with that said, lets use our minds and actions being grateful as well as finding the ways to live here with the same compassion to earth as earth gives to us.  Let’s open to Mother Earth with Love in Our Hearts and learn to play more…To create from a purpose of Higher Good for All Concerned. 

Our Bodies are made of Earth.  So as we nourish, honor, and love our personal selves including Our True Self, we nourish, honor, and Love Earth!  Naturopathy is of that source.  Our bodies have an innate intelligence to know what to do to be well and happy when we give it the right tools to work with.  For each of us, depending upon the DNA, and Foundations of the Elements, it will look different.  This again is where our belief systems come from.  So by healing our belief systems; old patterns that no longer serve us, our beliefs change and we can live with a higher perspective upon this earth, thus serving Mother Earth and our Souls.  

Earth is Alive and Works for us when we allow it.  Through Prayer, our thoughts, and our actions, we can assist Earth in her wellness-experience and of Earth’s being of service to us!   

I have had many experiences with Earth.  When I connect with Earth, the other Elements are always, in unison, involved also.  For an example, when I climb a mountain or journey to a mountain, it is for purpose, whether I meet someone or meditate with the Masters or Elemental Beings, I find a Loving Gift.  Or when I have gone to the Oasis in Mexico with my family, there are Higher Experiences and Learnings that I always encounter, including the mutual Love of my Family. Or experiencing a connection with the Loving ET’s or just experiencing the beauty.  In everyday life, it is brought to me to walk in beauty, to honor each step I take with mindfulness, and to be in the journey!  I am grateful to Earth for its Beauty and Compassion with the human race.  We have a ways to go, for each individual is on their own path.  All we can do, is the best we can, and with that and our Loving Thoughts, we will make it.  We Just need to Truly Believe and Live With Gratitude!  The rest will come to BE!