The Element – Ether








 Ether is the Element beyond our senses.  It is what people think of as God, The Purity of All that IS, Universal Thought, The Purest Form of Love, and more.  It is where everything is born, It is where our Soul Lives!  Ether, unseen, is what assists the other Elements for our personal growth…It is all that the other elements are and so much more.  It is the Wholeness of who we are in the highest sense of the word.  Ether is what I call the Presence of God’s Gift.




 We are all on our own paths, with different karmic pathways and Elemental strengths and weaknesses but we have one thing that is truly the same. We are all made up of the Elements, we are here to learn and grow, and with a clear mind and heart we can transform our lives. Thus I would like to share 3 true stories of my life in the hope that it will bring greater understanding of who we truly are and what we are capable of within our own personal Souls way.  Yes, it takes a conscious loving effort as well as a true commitment to find the truth, but within that, I believe all is possible!  I will condense the stories for the sake of time but know there is so much more!  Someday maybe I’ll write a book if I feel it can be of assistance to other’s growth and well-being.




First Story – Praye




It all began as a child though I didn’t know it then!  I was raised Catholic, however it did not resinate with me as I realized that the rules were mostly man made and gave away our power.  So I searched and prayed for the Truth, even though I had no idea what that was.  I tried different religions but it never quite fit.  Then one day I was reading a pamphlet from Adult Ed and saw a class on meditation.  It said “Be in charge of you instead of everyone else being in charge of you”.  Wow, i heard a ping in my brain and decided to try it!  For the first two classes, I giggled through the process and thought “what am I doing here?”  However on the third time of meditating I left my body and it was so absolutely beautiful, I didn’t want to come back!  With that said, my True Spiritual Journey began filling me with Divine Love and my life changed forever!

Second Story – Many Higher Truths




I was being given so many Higher Truths that I became confused, needing to address it with God…So one day I said to my Soul, “So if this is all True, The Absolute Truth, how do you explain that all people are unique with different values, thoughts, and spiritual needs etc.?”  The first answer was “go to the beach”!  You see, whenever I had something to clear or deeply know, for reasons unknown at that time I was told to go to the Beach!  While walking on the beach, I asked again my question.  The answer was amazing.  It not only gave me deeper insights, but different ways of looking at everything.  What was said was:  For understanding sake, say that your body is God.  Now put a thousand veils over your head, each having story lines written upon them.  Those veils are the lessons that your Soul has to learn and grow from.  You start going through the veils one at a time beginning with the outer veil.  With this veil there is no light, only a story line that is needed to heal.  It may take a moment to years to lifetimes to heal but when it is complete, it sheds off of you. You continue to shed veils until you get closer to the Higher Truth and more Light shines through.  As the veils come off, the Light shines brighter and brighter until one day nothing is left but God”!  So my lessons that day were multiple.  One I will always remember, is how can I ever judge anyone  if we are all here to serve our Soul, God?  And another was, how can I be of Service? 



Third Story – Climbing a mountain and the Miracles Therein





















One day I was told to climb a particular mountain.  I quickly explained that I did not climb mountains by myself.  With every excuse under the sun and realizing that I could not get out of it, i began to agree when all of a sudden I realized it was a low cloudy day