Element – Fire

The Element Fire is just what it sounds like and a huge topic with many different aspects. For this I will speak briefly on two of the main topics. There are the aspects of Cleansing and of Passion. When we begin working with the Elements, there is a tremendous amount of cleanup work to be done to make space for our Own Personal True Self to Integrate, as well as the passion it takes to create our Souls True Purpose and live upon this Earth.

Fire is a great cleanser, burning up all that is not necessary in our lives any longer. It can bring up things emotionally that you are ready to let go of, actually need to let go of, in order to go forward in your life. It can clean up psychic ties, ties that bind, as well as old patterns of behavior that are no longer advisable in creating your new foundation. There are different colors of inner fire like; The Violet Flame, The Yellow Flame, and the Blue Flame, which can assist you in cleansing your body, mind, and spirit. I find the Violet Flame to be essential in my journey. It is more gentle and can transform gently whatever you are working on. The Yellow Flame for me just works on burning it up, while the Blue Flame is connected with the Sword of Truth of Archangel Micheal, and clears the way. Needless to say, along my path I have learned to be careful what I ask for!

Fire is also the Divine Love, Light, and Compassion needed when we become passionate regarding something. It is Creation that can bring peace and harmony or the opposite. When I work with the Elements, yes all of them, I ask for their True Wisdom to show me the balance in every creative effort I make. Our world today has in large, forgotten this aspect. We are creating a lot of things without the Wisdom to proceed in a balanced manner. Since one of my passions is to find Balance with respect to emf radiation and Wellness for all life, including ours, this is the one place I pray to come into balance. There are so many things we can’t afford to ignore, like how we use our natural resources in ways that react with other elements and much more. This is not ok, it is TIME to be responsible and create from True Win-Wins. So lets burn up all the old junk and bring forth the New Positive Attributes of a Life Worth Living. In this way we can leave a world that can be Alive and Well for generations to come!