The Five Elements Expansion Program

The Five Elements Expansion Program came to life due to my Life’s Process.  Expanding the 5 Elements within ourselves will always bring us to our true meaning of life, a step or leap at a time, depending upon the moment, when we are sincerely wanting to expand our lives.  When working with the Five Elements, as we focus our lives with a deep, sincere Heart, we begin to recognize a deeper level of who we are as individuals, expanding our lives in joy, happiness and authentic living.  This includes a more conscious understanding of ourselves and the truth that we are all one.  For instance, with each time I work with the Five Elements I find myself growing,  nurtured and nurturing with my life expanding.  It is an amazing life!

This process is not for the ego, in fact, I have found the ego will resist at times where we have deep patterns, which hold us back in certain areas of our life.  However, sticking through it brings Blessings, and we can live the conscious and happy lives that we came here to do!  I believe that this process is about learning to Deeply Love and Accept Ourselves and All!

The Program Includes:

  • One Start-Up Workshop
  • 2-4 Integrative Outings
  • 105 Days or more of the Elemental Meditation
  • Weekly Calls
  • Completion Celebration

I hold the Five Elements Expansion Program once a year, beginning in March (see the calendar), going through to about the end of June or mid July.  I hope to see you there with an Open and Sincere Heart and Mind!

What do you want?  What is your Heart’s Prayer?