mine-shungite-3                          What Is Shungite?

Shungite is a Mineral Stone found only outside of a small town in Russia.  Local people who would go to a body of water and soak. They began having such powerful healing within their body which couldn’t be explained by Scientists. Eventually a team of scientists decided to research what was it that was creating the phenomena of such powerful healing. Thus Shungite was found and the science began. Shungite is mostly comprised of a carbon named Fullerenes.  It wasn’t until Shungite was discovered that a new found carbon was stumbled on, which is Fullerenes named after the man who discovered the carbon.  The carbon form of Fullerenes are what you are used to seeing as the structure of a geodesic dome.  In mathematical terms, “the structure of a fullerene is a trivalent convex polyhedron with pentagonal and hexagonal faces.” Just a piece of information :))


Shungite has been proven to be a healer, detoxifier, and a profound protector against electromagnetic frequency radiation.

I have stated the above because of all the research I have done in the past 15 plus years emf radiation is one of the largest “tragic” components to not having long term wellness that I have seen.  Cancer is on the rise within the world, and I have seen and proven over and over that emf radiation is one of the top contending reasons for this devastation.

So let’s take into consideration that we did not know what to do before, but I am here to tell you that there are major things we all can do to protect ourselves and alleviate that scenario.  SHUNGITE is one of those main things I have found to be a foundation to wellness when dealing with emf.

EMF radiation not only comes from our mobile phones and computers, it comes from most all, if not all of the current technologies of our time. As you drive your car, take a walk, or are sleeping in your home you are bombarded by cell towers and all other technology that gives off electromagnetic radiation.  It surrounds and penetrates you most if not all of your days.  So what can we do?  Shungite is a major player as it has been proven to protect against emf radiation.  Since Carbon is the basis of all life, it makes sense that Shungite is such a magnificent tool for wellness.

For more detailed information about what Shungite has to offer you can go to products.  Each product has information on what it is and how it assists.  Also an article on ‘EMF and the things you can do’ is coming soon.

Take Care, Be Well, Stay Well

Namaste,  Diane