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Shungite Sphere 60mm | Diane Victor, N.P.

Shungite Sphere 60mm


Shungite Sphere 60 mm (approximate size, 2.7 inches), a remarkable mineral stone, only found  in a small town in Russia, proven to protect against electromagnetic radiation and more…Great for home and office



Powerful Protector, Healer, and Detoxifier

Shungite Attributes:

  • Shungite is a soft, carbon-based mineral proven to protect against electromagnetic frequency radiation
  • Shungite is known for its healing properties
  • Bathing in Shungite water is how Shungite was found.  A natural pool of water in one of the Russian outskirts was where people were going to soak and heal themselves…So profound were the results that scientists went to find out why, and thus, Shungite was found.
  • Water purification…It is said that when raw shungite is put into water and soaked for 3 days, it adds micronutrients that have been proven to work towards healing the body…Always first, please test yourself to decide whether this works for your body and always rinse the rocks.
  • Profound protection from EMF’s and environmental toxins

On the Energetic Side:

  • Assists with immediate, graceful grounding
  • Opening the Heart
  • Constant, graceful evolution with Earth
  • Kind, continual integration of your true dream-reality
  • Soothing deep, old traumas seamlessly
  • Activating your true genius
  • and more……….

Shape, Size:

  • Shape, Sphere
  • 60 mm


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