dianeBorderHi Everyone,

I had someone close to me this morning ask, what does Love mean to you? After pondering the subject, I realized my understanding of Love is simple. It is the Essence of life, The God Source, Universal Love, or whatever each person calls it. Love is pure and unconditional. As Spiritual Beings who are living on Earth as Humans, we each have our filters. These filters are the lessons we come here as Souls to learn and gain wisdom from. Through that process we find ourselves truly increasing the Love we have for Ourselves and All. With that in mind, it makes sense that everything we do leads to greater levels of Self Awareness and Love either in the NOW or later depending upon our choices, actions and understanding.

The past two months has been an amazing time in my life, filled with deeper understanding and wisdom of the POWER of LOVE. In the face of world problems, I was shown that holding the space of Love and Peace made a huge difference. For all those who held that space, each in their own way, Congrats…It worked! We held strong, Peace for the United States and ultimately the World, through making space for the right actions to take place. I feel we are being given a chance to have a greater level of peace, so keep up the good work! For myself, I am forever GRATEFUL to know the meaning and power of Love. Unfortunately, I cannot go into details of what could have transpired even though I wish I could. So please know you are making a difference and the more of us who integrate this within ourselves, the more chance of it lasting!

In my life and in my work holding that space is the goal, for myself and all who want it…Do I have my filters and challenges, oh yes! However, eliminating filters and integrating a deeper level of Love and Peace is always there.

Ultimately we can expand our consciousness with Ease and Grace. Enjoy!

Love and Smiles,