Unknown        Weather Patterns and the Raintree Forest

The Amazon, Raintree Forest is our water supply. A simple statement but a powerful one that I trust is real. I had the privilege of sitting in a weeklong workshop all about Self Love last year. What does that have to do with the Raintree Forest, everything because as we deeply love ourselves first, we then truly love and care for each other and the world that supports us in meaningful ways. During the week we were privileged to hear Peter Bunyard speak. He is not only a brilliant man, Ecologist, Biologist and Humanitarian, he is also one of the most humble persons I have ever been privileged to meet.

As a Harvard University Researcher, he spent most of his time working as a scientist behind the scenes. With a nagging feeling that there was something he needed to be doing of greater importance, yet not knowing what, he quit his job and began to look further. This quest took him to the Raintree Forest and ultimately to his being up for a Nobel Prize Nomination.

After having studied the problem of what was happening to our Eco Systems his quest ultimately took him to the Raintree Forest.  Realizing that there was a true connection to weather patterns and our forests he began a validation process showing without a shadow of a doubt that by cutting down our forests it is causing rain imbalances world-wide.

I am bringing this up as I feel that each of us can look at ourselves and ask, “How can I take more responsibility within my daily life  to preserve our resources?”  It doesn’t have to be big things, the more that we hold the space and preserve our right to live on earth, the higher chance our future generations will thrive…Small things can make a big difference via the ripple effect! This has nothing to do with nutrition, however it does have to do with our whole being.  My belief is that we can make a difference, each of us in our own way.  The more we connect to our True Deeper Self, so to we can connect deeper to our Earth.

For further information regarding Dr. Peter Bunyard and his work, you can google his name along with the rain-tree forest.

Namaste, Diane