womanInhaleAs a first Blog, I wondered, what do I talk about, what would you like to hear? With a lot of forethought I decided I am dedicating this blog site to the wholeness of each person.  Nutrition and our ECO System is one part of that, emotions another and yet another is your own special Spiritual Path whatever that may be.

The “Whole Person” is a complex yet simple subject. I have found it boils down to one thing, Self Love.  Not the ego self, but who we are as a whole Being, for as we believe in and care for ourselves, we care and believe in others.  I believe we are a Divine Soul having experiences on this earth; to learn and remember who we are, as well as support those we touch and the planet we live on.  Each person has their lessons and their opportunities to learn, grow and Love AND they are free to make their own choices.  Taking time each day to go within ourselves and ask, “What can I do today to Love Myself more while Honoring who I am as a Being, as a Person?”  This is a beginning to being in integrity, positive and congruent in our thoughts, words and actions as the ultimate goal in living our daily lives.  For as we discover and acknowledge deeper awareness of who we are, the fabulous opportunity to grow and change begins to take place.

There are so many factors in this endeavor.  Emotions and beliefs play a huge part of what holds us back or propels us forward in our lives .  I have found societal  teachings, parental teachings, and experiential teachings  to be the main culprits of how we think, what we think and what we believe. Nutrition is yet another aspect…If we are not embracing the correct nutrition for our minds and body, how are expected to evolve and be well?

Many people are afraid of change, afraid of what they may find, and don’t realize the beauty of who they are. The discordant beliefs (junk) that we have taken on as truth is not the deeper truth.  The discordant is not who we are and many do not realize that they are missing out on being true to their own true self.  For only with positive change and love can you truly be free.  One last thought before I close is Divine Love/Positive Love is different than a lot of people think of love in our world.  Respect, Dignity, Worthiness, Self Esteem, Wisdom, Integrity, kindness and so many other Beautiful aspects are the manifestation of Self Love, True Love.  When we obtain the riches of loving ourselves more, we have much more to give.

With all that said, I would like to welcome you to my blog.  I will blog weekly with the intention of Wholeness.  Some weeks will embrace nutrition, some emotions and whatever else comes to the forefront.  Enjoy your week!

With Love,    Diane